Friday, December 23, 2011

From the Solstice

Yesterday had the potential to bring forth today.  The beginning of time had the potential to bring forth yesterday.  If something gave rise to time, timelessly it had the potential to give rise to time.  The potential to bring forth today must have eternal existence.  There could never have been a complete nothing; at a minimum there must always have been the potential to bring forth what is. 

The concept of the Tao is just that – the potential to bring forth.  As the potential becomes actual, it becomes Te.  Here the grandiose idea of God becomes truly humble; humble as a babe born in manager.  A bare potential is as close to nothing that something can be.  Tao, the cosmological source of everything, is that close to nothing -- yet between nothing and It is everything.  And for what other reason would the original potential exist than to be actualized?  And what is actualization without consciousness?  We are here because of the original potential, the Tao; it is what we share in common.

Is it not a good time when the darkness has become greatest (here in the north) and we now head back towards the light, to dwell on the Eternal Source, the cosmic womb from which all is born? And to respect the multitude of ways that people have come to think of that source?

Happy holidays.

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